Labour & Employment law

Labour & Employment law
The practice of labor law is one of the key areas of the firm. It is led by Senior Partner, Anna-Stefania Chepik.

Anna-Stefania Chepik is a recognized expert in the area of labor law and advises clients on issues such as policies and standards of corporate conduct and management information on illegal activities, additional incentive programs, pension plans, outsourcing, protection of information and personal data in labor relations.

We advise clients on all labor law issues. Our success is the result of a unique professional experience, an individual approach to the needs of our clients, accurate, practically oriented recommendations and a flexible financial approach.
Our Team consists of experts who have considerable practical experience in the field of labor law. We're always aware of the latest changes in legislation and law enforcement practices.
In addition to working on client projects, our team members take an active part in lawmaking, participate in conferences, working groups, and round tables.

Specializations and areas of practice:

  • Termination of labor relations with senior managers and employees, including legal assessment of the grounds, drafting of documents and negotiations with employees on the conditions for their dismissal;
  • Representation of the client's interests in court in labour disputes;
  • Staff reduction, including massive, as well as dismissal on disciplinary grounds;
  • Transfer of personnel in the framework of business reorganization;
  • Advising on cooperation with the trade union and social partnership;
  • Due diligence in the field personnel documentation and labor risks;
  • Development of documents in the field of protection of the company’s assets against unlawful actions of employees: protection of confidential information, personal data;
  • Development of a system to protect businesses from unfair competition from employees;
  • Collection of damage caused by employees, including claims to executives of the company;
  • Development of policies and standards of corporate conduct, local company’s acts;
  • Development of all kind of employment contracts, agreements, incentive programs, share option plans;
  • Pension issues;
  • Outsourcing and outstaffing;
  • Labor security;
  • Advising on the implementation of distance employment, developing of an internal policy and contracts;
  • Protection of the interests of the employer in the framework of inspections, controlling organizations, challenging of the labor inspectorate’s prescriptions.