Enforcement proceedings and interim measures

Enforcement proceedings and interim measures
Completion of the trial process is not always a guarantor that a decision taken in favor of the client shall be executed. That is why we attach great importance to the timely provision of claims (obtaining interim measures) in order to guarantee our clients a real opportunity to execute a court decision or a commercial arbitration decision.

Our attorneys have extensive experience and skills in effective participation in the procedure of enforcement proceedings. Quite often our goal is not only the execution of a judicial decision, but the attainment of said decision in the shortest time possible. To do this, we monitor the actions of bailiffs, and if necessary, we appeal against their unlawfulness.

The active participation of lawyers at this stage allows us to form the necessary evidentiary framework, which can later become the basis for applying to the court with a claim for the recovery of damage (monetary compensation) for the violated term of execution of a judicial act in accordance with Article 1069 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

For clients who are defendants, we take all the necessary measures to cancel interim measures that impede commercial activity.


  • Obtaining of interim measures in support of claims inside Russia;
  • Representation of client interests and participation in enforcement proceedings;
  • Interaction with the federal bailiff service;
  • Removal of unlawfully imposed arrests, exclusion of property from records;
  • Foreclosure on mortgaged property;
  • Appeal of acts, actions (or inaction) of bailiffs-executors committed within the framework of enforcement proceedings;
  • Enforcement of decisions of foreign state and arbitration courts, international commercial arbitration decisions;
  • Challenging the legality of interim measures in court.