Criminal defense business

Criminal defense business
The experts at Tilling Peters render highly qualified and effective assistance to clients on the representation of interests and business protection regarding economic and anti-corruption issues. Representation of interests is carried out both in the course of internal corporate investigations as well as during law enforcement pre-investigation and investigation verifications well as during criminal proceedings. The attorneys at Tilling Peters have extensive experience conducting investigations across Russia and the CIS, covering a wide spectrum of offenses committed against companies, even crimes committed by their own employees. Our attorneys' experience also includes consultations on all matters related to compliance procedure adherence, the development of contract terms while keeping in mind various spheres of economic activity.

An additional practice area that we provide is the protection of company and management interests during all stages of criminal prosecution for economic and tax crimes. In particular this is for cases involving tax evasion, illegal businesses, the legalization (laundering) of money or other assets, smuggling, and illegal use of a trademark.


  • Consultation and representation of clients during pre-investigation verifications, the investigation of criminal cases and criminal proceedings;
  • Preparing client employees and others for deposition/interrogation, accompanying and participating in the interrogation, strategy development and communication with law enforcement and other inspection agencies;
  • Organizing, coordinating and conducting internal corporate investigations;
  • Consultation on legislation relating to money laundering, bribery and corruption as well as adherence to compliance procedures;
  • Identifying criminal-legal risks while carrying out business operations;
  • Preparation for the possibility outcome of criminal cases based on the information available;
  • Representing client interests and defense in court.